About Us

WheelSetGo :: Providing Professionally Mounted and Balanced Wheel and Tire Sets

As a sister-company to BB Wheels, an online leader in wheels and tires, WheelSetGo offers the same expert fitment advice, timely customer service, and quality products… but offers sought-after add-ons.

We mount and balance!

Will my wheels and tires come mounted? YES! We do professional mounting.

Will each wheel and tire assembly come balanced? YES! We do professional balancing.

Will my wheel / tire combos ship directly to me? YES! We will ship your ready-to-install wheel and tire packages directly to your door.

Save money and hassle by skipping the visit to the install shop*. Ordering a wheel and tire package from WheelSetGo means your wheel set will be ready to go right when it arrives at your door. Just jack up your ride, pull off the stock set, slide on the shiny new set, tighten the lugs, set it down, and away you go.

As a small, yet resourceful family-owned business based in Albany, Minnesota, we’re dedicated to offering the perfect combination of wheel fitment knowledge, product mix, mount and balance services, and helpful customer service. We prioritize efficiency, and we know you do too. That’s why providing you with wheel and tire packages that come pre-mounted and balanced just makes sense. Taking that efficiency a few steps further, we maintain quick turnarounds. Typical delivery to your door can occur within just 7-14 business days after placing your order.

Benefitting from the industry knowledge gained through BB Wheels, WheelSetGo provides the same great extras — including FREE** shipping to the lower 48 states, low-cost extended warranty plans from Extend, all credit type financing from Paytomorrow, and guaranteed delivery shipping, just to name a few. Need help finding the right wheel and tire package for your vehicle, for your commute, or for your lifestyle? No problem. Our team of highly skilled fitment specialists are ready and waiting. Call 320-247-6160 to order the perfect aftermarket wheel combo for your vehicle today.

Customizing your vehicle with an
aftermarket wheel and tire package is as simple as 1–2–3

How It Works


Add Style

Select Your Wheels


Add Grip

Select Your Tires


Install & Go

Your Wheel / Tire Package will arrive mounted, balanced, and ready for install.
Did we mention there’s FREE Shipping!


*It is always recommended to have wheels and tires professionally installed by a licensed auto shop.
**Shipping of larger items may require freight delivery and incur additional charges.