Fitment & Warranty Policies

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Alert Icon Always TEST FIT all your items before actual installation (this means testing fitting EVERY wheel / tire assemble sent).

Wheel Fitment Policy

WheelSetGo cannot guarantee wheel fitment due to unique factors with each vehicle, including but not limited to larger than stock tires, altered or lifted suspensions, and oversized brakes. Speaking with a WheelSetGo fitment representative is the most accurate method to achieve the best potential fitment; however, fitment guarantees are still never given. Our family believes in maintaining high levels of honesty and integrity and will do everything within our reasonable abilities to ensure correct fitment. Please do not hesitate to call us with questions or concerns at 320-247-6160 opt. #1 (Sales). We will be happy to discuss your wheel and tire fitment questions. Your business is greatly appreciated and valued!

Fitment cannot be guaranteed on aftermarket products. Submitting your vehicle information is not a guarantee of fitment. If you question whether the products you purchased will fit your vehicle, contact us immediately at 320-247-6160 opt. #1 (Sales) or

Mounting & Balancing

Professional mounting and balancing of wheel and tire packages is included with your WheelSetGo order, and is performed before shipping. This means your wheel and tire bundle will arrive at your door ready for install.

We will mount the tires on the wheels and balance each individual wheel / tire assemble using top-of-the-line industry equipment. At WheelSetGo we rely on precision balancing technology that is best achieved from equipment produced by Hunter Engineering Company.

The vast majority of wheel and tire packages will use the standard mount balance method, which is completed using stick-on weights. For wheel and tire packages for dually applications and all packages featuring tires larger than 35 inches, balance beads will be used in place of machine balancing. Installation of preprogrammed Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors (TPMS) / valve stems is part of our overall service.

Our mount and balance services do not include installation to your vehicle. Professional installation is always recommended.

Test Fitting


  • Basic Fitment: Confirm the studs line up with the wheel bolt holes. Slide the wheel onto the studs to confirm it fits flat on the mounting surface. Test fit every lug by hand (hand tighten only) to make sure the threading lines up with the studs on your vehicle. Complete the steps for every wheel / tire assembly ordered.
  • Clearance Inspection #1: Visually inspect the wheel to confirm there is no contact with the brake calipers, inner valve stem, and wheel weights. Slowly hand spin the wheel to make sure it has 360-degree clearance. Identifying clearance interference before final installation is vital.
  • Lower the Vehicle: Lower your vehicle so all wheels / tires are on the ground. You may want to place cardboard under the front tires before lowering the vehicle to ensure no signs of visible use (in case product needs to be returned).
  • Clearance Inspection #2: Once your tires are on the cardboard, perform a visual clearance check of each fender, the suspension, and each wheel well. Slowly turn the vehicle’s steering wheel fully to the left, checking clearance measurements along the way. Repeat the process by turning the steering wheel fully to the right.

    *** Suspension will compress while driving which may change the overall clearance. ***

If all fitment and clearance checks are successful, finalize your installation before driving by using hand tools only to fully torque the lugs to your vehicle specifications.

*** WheelSetGo is not responsible for loss, labor fees, additional charges, or damages incurred during test fitting, final installation, or installation of incorrect items. ***

Pricing Policy

At WheelSetGo, we try very hard to ensure the prices displayed on our website are accurate. Occasionally, in today's fast paced environment, errors and system glitches can happen as pricing is updated in bulk multiple times per week. If you purchase a product that has a pricing error, WheelSetGo reserves the right to suspend all sales of the product in question and to cancel your order. We greatly appreciate your business and understanding of this situation.

Warranty Process

WheelSetGo promotes top quality brands and manufacturers. We try our best to work with partners that treat our customers right. Periodically you may encounter a warrantable issue related to your purchase. The determination of a warranty claim is 100% at the discretion of the manufacturer based upon their policies.

If your product qualifies for a warranty replacement, you are only eligible for a replacement of the same product or similar product of equal or lesser value than your original purchase. Shipping costs and price differences from the time of original purchase to the time of warranty replacement may apply, and must be paid before fulfillment can occur.

*** If you are purchasing chrome or steel aftermarket products please understand they are more susceptible to adverse chemical reactions that may cause pitting as due to contact with salt, road chemicals, improper cleaners, and brake dust. This type of damage is not covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. ***

WheelSetGo does not assume any responsibility related to their claims process. WheelSetGo does not cover shipping fees and various other expenses related installation, mounting, balancing and labor related costs of your shop.

*** Wheel accessories such as lug nuts, center caps, decorative bolts, etc. are excluded from standard manufacturer warranties. ***