When it comes to elevating your vehicle's aesthetics and performance, the Gear Off-Road 713B wheels stand out as a top-tier choice. Crafted with precision and passion, these wheels are not just about looks; they're about delivering unparalleled strength and durability. Made from the exceptionally robust A356 Aluminum Alloy, they undergo T6 heat treatment to ensure maximum strength, making them a reliable companion for any off-road adventure.

The 713B showcases a dual windowed 6-spoke design, accentuated by gloss black highlights that exude a sense of rugged elegance. Its unique notched lip adds an angular touch, giving it an industrial edge that's hard to miss. But it's not just about the aesthetics. These wheels come with an industry-leading load rating ranging from 2300 lb. to 3200 lb., ensuring they can handle the toughest terrains with ease. And with features like TPMS compatibility and a bolt-on center cap adorned with the Gear Off-Road logo, you're not just getting a wheel; you're getting a Wheel and Tire Package that promises quality and longevity. Each wheel is finished with a premium gloss clear coat, offering added protection against the elements, and is backed by a lifetime structural warranty and a 1-year finish warranty.

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