Gear Off-Road has established a noteworthy reputation for producing resilient and striking wheels, and their 773MB model is no exception. Crafted from the exceptionally robust A356 aluminum alloy, these wheels undergo a meticulous T6 heat treatment process, ensuring maximum strength tailored for the adventurous. The 773MB wheels showcase a radiant 8-spoke design, enhanced with full-length recessed accents, marrying the elegance of classic styles with contemporary design cues. Each wheel also boasts a bolt-on center cap, embellished with the signature Gear Off-Road logo, signifying both quality and panache.

What truly stands out about the Gear Off-Road 773MB wheels is their outstanding load rating. Capable of handling loads ranging from 2500 lb. to a whopping 3700 lb., these wheels are not just about looks—they're designed for real-world performance. Moreover, their glossy black machined finish, protected by a Gloss Clear Coat, not only ensures an appealing aesthetic but also guarantees durability with a lifetime structural warranty and a 1-year finish warranty.

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