Moto Metal


Dive into the world of rebellion and uniqueness with Moto Metal wheels, now available at WheelSetGo. Founded in 2002, Moto Metal has made a name for itself in the automotive world, appealing to those who seek to stand apart from the mainstream. Moto Metal wheels aren't just about performance; they're a symbol of eclectic rebellion. Crafted for the daring, the audacious, and the loud, they're the last piece you need to complete your machine – ready to defy norms and turn heads. Whether you choose the popular Stinger, Sniper, MO970, or Razor model, you're sure to make a statement.

WheelSetGo is proud to offer a comprehensive Wheel and Tire Package, promising a seamless buying experience. For customers seeking a perfect Wheel and Tire Set, we assure you'll find our Mount and Balance Package unbeatable. Our experts meticulously assemble your Wheel / Tire assembly when you opt for a package deal. We aim to save you the hassle of separate installations, offering a flawless Mount / Balance Package that ensures your wheels and tires are ready to hit the road.

Transform your vehicle with Moto Metal wheels and ride on the edge of rebellion. We invite you to call us at 320-247-6160 and explore the wide range of Moto Metal wheels and our Wheel / Tire Package deals. As an added advantage, WheelSetGo provides free shipping on all orders and an attractive financing option for your convenience. Don't conform, make your own rules, and embrace the Moto Metal culture today.