MO986 Siege

Elevate your vehicle's aesthetic and performance with the Moto Metal MO986 Siege wheels, now available at WheelSetGo. These wheels, embodying the perfect blend of style and durability, feature a concave multi Y-spoke design that instantly captivates. With finishes available in Gloss Black, Chrome, and Gloss Black Machined, the MO986 Siege wheels are designed to complement any truck, SUV, or Jeep, offering a striking upgrade that doesn't compromise on strength. Available in 20” and 22” sizes and accommodating 5, 6, and 8 lug bolt patterns, these wheels ensure a seamless fit for a diverse range of vehicles.

At WheelSetGo, we're committed to offering more than just wheels; we provide a complete Wheel and Tire Package. This comprehensive package includes mounting and balancing services to ensure your wheels are ready to perform from the moment they're installed. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is reflected in our offer of free shipping and flexible financing options, making it easier and more affordable to transform your vehicle with the MO986 Siege wheels.

Take the first step towards redefining your vehicle's presence on the road. Contact WheelSetGo at 320-247-6160 to explore our Wheel and Tire Packages and benefit from our exclusive offers. With the Moto Metal MO986 Siege wheels, you're not just upgrading your wheels; you're elevating your entire driving experience. Enjoy the convenience of free shipping and financing options, and let your vehicle make a statement with every turn.